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EIFS is an Exterior Insulation and Finish System. Some people call it synthetic stucco. It's made of lightweight, two inch thick polystyrene panels with an acrylic coating that mimics traditional stucco. Although marketed as a "maintenance-free" product you need to keep an eye on how it's holding up. Moisture that gets in through poorly caulked joints or surface punctures can get trapped and cause the framing and plywood sheathing underneath to rot, leading to costly repairs.

What should you do if your home is clad with EIFS?

  • The NAHB urges homeowners to get their homes checked at least yearly by a professional experienced in EIFS water intrusion inspections. Such as AC&E Home Inspection Corp.
  • It further urges homeowners to immediately tackle any repairs that may be needed--as delays can cause minor problems to escalate into major problems that will cost tens of thousands of dollars to fix.
  • And like others who have studied the EIFS problem, the homebuilders' association suggests that many homeowners may want to have their house re-sided with something else.