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  • J Probe

  • Instant Mold Test Kit

  • EMF Meter

  • Flood Alarm

    Home Energy Inspection

The J Probe

The J Probe is the only 11 inches long and a millimeter thick, the J Probe has become the most popular of the Probe tools for it's almost limitless uses.


  • Field tested and used by Inspectors, Plumbers and Building Maintenance.
  • "P" shaped rubber handle for easy and comfortable use.
  • Stainless steel wire for flexibility and durability.
  • Rubber safety guard to protect against injuries.
  • Strong "J" shaped hook in line with P shaped handle


  • Pull hair out of drains & traps
  • Fish wire or cords through walls
  • Un lock door and window latches
  • Pull bird nests and lint from dryer vents
  • Removes hair and string from vacuum cleaners
  • And much more!

$19.95 Including shipping and handling
(not sold in NYS)


Instant Mold Test Kit

Result in 10 minutes. No lab work is required.
If it is green it is clean.

Fast and easy way to check whether cleaning has been carried out to a satisfactory standard by means of protein detection. Everything you need for a result is contained in the compact device. There is no need for an instrument as results are visual.

1) Used to determine if you are looking at mold or not. Great to be used to determine if you need professional mold testing and removal

2) Used to determine if the mold remediation you have had was done properly!

With the unique swab-click-read format and simple color change technology, this swab test is very easy to use and implement in a busy production environment. The results are semi-quantitative with four possible colors. The faster the test turns purple the higher the level of contamination on a surface. The test detects protein and other reducing agents, considered as a superior hygiene indicator to glucose as more difficult to remove from a surface.

Proven to be the fastest and most reliable mold test available!

  • Minimal investment – no instrument required
  • No complicated set-up
  • No lab fees
  • Immediate biochemical reaction*
  • Quick and easy to use, just three simple steps
  • Results within 10 minutes, with a simple color change
  • No need to store under refrigerated conditions.

* Indicates mold presence (not type)

Remove the 10 Minute Mold Test swab.
Swab the test surface. (4 inches horizontal and vertical)
Firmly press down the handle into the swab tube and shake rapidly from side to side for at least 5 seconds.

Wait 10 minutes for results and measure the solution against the Mold Test label.


$49.00 includes (2) tests and shipping and handling
not sold in NYS


EMF Meter

The K-II can Measure the EMF (Electro-magnetic Field) radiation strength of every electrical device in your home, workplace or school; outdoor power lines, underground lines and even when you travel and shop for appliances. Health concerns about the negative effects of Electro- magnetic Fields (EMF) from appliances, power lines, and home wiring have caused the U.S. Government to issue a warning to use "Prudent Avoidance" to help reduce your exposure to this risk. Since EMF's are everywhere it may be impossible to totally avoid them. The SAFE RANGE EMF METER from K-II can help you measure these potentially harmful fields and determine the safe range to help reduce exposure. It also helps you determine which appliances produce high level emissions.

The K2-Deluxe is the only available meter of its type with a Push "ON", Push "OFF" switch using the existing case design structure. There are NO external exposed switches.

  • Push Tab to Turn "On" Push Tab to Turn "Off"
  • Easy to read Multi-Segment LED Display
  • Detects the ELF range (50 to 1,000Hz)
  • VLF range (1,000 to 20,000Hz)
  • Five level milliGauss ranges
  • 50 & 60 Hz operation
  • Power: (1) 9vDC alkaline battery
  • Single Axis
  • Accuracy of ±5% at 50-60Hz
  • Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes

$139 Including shipping and handling
(not sold in NYS)


Flood Alarm

The portable Sonin Water Alarm is a self-contained electronic device to sound an alarm when water bridges both metal contacts on the sensor. Perfect compact unit that warns of water leaks and overflows in bath, kitchen, laundry, attic, basement or anywhere there is a potential for leaks to occur.

  • Sensor and alarm can be placed up to 6 feet apart
  • Sensor has both suction cup and adhesive to secure in place
  • Includes alarm mounting hardware
  • Install battery easily with slide and snap cover
  • Space saving design
  • Circuit test button ensures system is working
  • Low battery signal tells user when it is time to replace the battery
  • Alerts user within hearing range that water has reached desired level when used to monitor the filling of pools, tubs, sinks, aquariums and more
  • An ideal backup system for sump and bilge pumps in residential, commercial and marine applications
  • High impact plastic case
  • Can be used portable or mounted in a fixed position
  • Designed to alert you of overflows, leaks or water trouble
  • Heavy duty sensor with a 6' sensor wire and suction cup
  • Electronic circuit board
  • Loud (approx. 85 dB) alarm (sounds for approximately 3 days)
  • Low battery warning
  • Power: 9 volt battery alkaline (not included)

For leak detection:
Place the sensor at the lowest point of the floor or other horizontal surface where water collects. Adhesive tape makes it easy to apply sensor to any smooth (clean) vertical surface. The alarm will sound if water bridges between the two contacts. Alarm can be table, shelf, or wall mounted up to approximately six feet away from the sensor.

For unattended filling of bathtubs, pools, spas etc:
Sensor has suction cup and adhesive; use either to attach the sensor to any vertical surface. The buzzer will sound when the water reaches both metal contacts on the sensor.

Locate this alarm in a location where it can be heard from other parts of the building. If this is not possible you may want to consider a Wireless Alarm System.

$39.00 Including shipping and handling
(not sold in NYS)


Home Energy Inspection

To perform a Home Energy Inspection,you fill out the form and fax it back to us at 631 205-5030

The inspector then enters the data into a web-based energy calculator developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy to:

estimate the home's yearly energy usage;
pinpoint potential energy inefficiencies;
calculate a score based on these estimates; and
develop recommendations for energy improvements.

The Home Energy Inspection Report lists recommendations for energy upgrades that are specific to the house, as well as an estimate of how much these improvements can reduce the utility bill. The report is based upon the data collected, the national average of costs for installation of specific energy improvements, and the state averages of the utility costs.

Some of the recommendations for energy upgrades are simple for a homeowner to do. Others require more effort and investment but promise large financial savings over the years.

Did You Know?

It takes a lot of energy to heat, cool, and operate a home. Most home buyers purchase a home without first understanding what it will cost to operate it once they move in.

The average homeowner can save over $500 every year on utility bills by following the prioritized recommendations within the Home Energy Report™.

The Home Energy Report™ will give a home buyer a quick understanding of:

  • how much a home will cost to operate once they move in;
  • where energy (and, therefore, money) is being wasted in the home; and
  • what can be done to save energy and increase comfort.

To produce a Home Energy Report™, you will collect over 40 data points related to home energy, including:

  • number and age of new occupants;
  • local energy prices;
  • building design and orientation;
  • light bulbs, number and type;
  • insulation R-value at the foundation, ceiling and walls;
  • skylights and window types and sizes;
  • appliances and equipment, size, age, capacities and efficiencies; and
  • heating, cooing and water heating data.

You collect the data for the report and fax the report back to us we run the information from this data and send you a custom energy report over e mail.

$50.00 - Cost for report
Click here to download the form